CV Distribution Service in Dubai And UAE

  • Are you tired trawling job sites to find your perfect job?
  • You do not have enough time to look for a job?
  • Are you tired of your current job and your boss?
  • Your salary does not suit your life Requirement anymore?
  • Do you wish to work under new management where they appreciate your talent and skills?

Well, you are in the right place then. We are offering a highly refined and market-driven distribution & allocation services because of our strong multifaceted network and links in the UAE job market.

 1- What is CV Distribution Service?

A CV distribution service takes your CV/Resume and emails it to our network of Recruiters, HR Managers, and Managing Directors. Though CV/Resume distribution service do cost money, those who used it found that it is more than worth it for the overall convenience and end results of the service.
We (Getmejob team) will send your CV/Resume to more than 200,000 of companies in Dubai and UAE , expanding your chances of getting a job in all around the 7 Emirates by a very short time.
With our CV distribution, it’s all about results.

Register today and find the job you need tomorrow ! .

 2- How will CV Distribution Help You ?

We will send on your behalf your CV/Resume to thousands of companies in within the UAE . After signing up, you will be in the running for jobs that even may not be advertised, thus giving you access to what we call the “Hidden-Job-Market”.
The way that people search for jobs is changed. We (Getmejob Team) will put your new resume directly into the hands of people who are actually trying to fill jobs right now.

 3- Main benefits of our CV Distribution Service :

  • Save time as your CV goes directly to the inbox of screened and approved recruiters rather than a database of 200,000+!
  • Tap into up to 75% of jobs that are never advertised.
  • Have recruiters contact you rather than search for recruiters
  • Avoid endless form filling at numerous recruitment agencies' websites.
  • Most of the companies will get your CV stored so whenever the vacancy for the job is available they let you inform

Our job is to connect you to the employer that you deserve. We are offering a highly refined and market-driven distribution & allocation services because of our strong multifaceted network of and links in the job market in UAE. Recruiters, HR Managers, and Managing Directors will receive your CV/Resume and contact you as soon as they have a suitable position(s) vacant suits your experiences, skills and your field of education.

 4- When i will start to Receive Calls or E-mails for a job interview ?

After finishing your CV distribution process which takes normally up to 6 - 8 hours you will start receiving calls and emails from HR managers and Recruiters for an interview appointment, in most cases the first and second days after finishing your CV distribution.

Keep in mind that if no suitable position is available that match your experiences most of companies will keep your CV in their database in case of any later available vacancy. Our distribution test results proved that even after two weeks of distribution, clients are still receiving interview appointments either by calls or e-mail messages.

 5- How do i know that you Started my CV Distribution Process ?

We certainly will inform our clients by an e-mail message about the time of CV distribution-begin.
After that you will start to receive Email replies and automatic replies and interview calls. But remember these automatic Email replies do not represent all of our contacts. It is only prove that your CV has been distributed.

We are more than sure that you will like our services and enjoy our benefits .

 6- I Would like to have your CV Distribution Service, what should i do?

1st. Submit Your  C.V

Send your CV (if available) to [email protected]

2nd. Pay The  Fees

Confirm the payment of CV Distribution Service (400 Dhs)

 3rd. Upload Payment Receipt

  Kindly do attach with your emailed   CV a copy of payment receipt.



For more information, please read our FAQ'S

All the best.....

GetMeJob Team