There comes a time in our career when we need to negotiate or renegotiate our salary. The first step in this process is getting a clear understanding of our self-worth.

For many years, I accepted what was offered to me not because the offer was great, but because I thought I placed myself above money. Some time back I realized that when I do not convey what I want, it means that I have no idea of what I am worth. Failure to negotiate pay is a sign that one does not have a clear understanding of his self-worth.

There is always a value associated with the skills an employee brings to the table. It is up to the employee to convey what he is worth and take it. You must gather all the necessary information once the salary offer is revealed, and make sure this will also be provided in writing.

As we all know, it is not the responsibility of the company to give an employee the maximum salary. True, the company has guidelines. But trust me, the rules are never rigid, and companies are willing to go that extra mile if the candidate is worth it.

Many people feel let down after discussing their expected salary. Remember, it is the fault of the individual when the salary negotiations go off tangent. The company hired you when you needed a job and the money. If you do not counter offer with anything substantial, it is your fault.

Many candidates feel that they may not get the offer if they persist too much on what they want. But if an organization wants you, they are willing to meet your demands as long as they are realistic.

The right time to negotiate your salary is before you join the organization, the time when you have the power to decide one way or the other. Once you join the organization and become part of the system, renegotiating your salary becomes a very hard task unless you have the skills to back it up.

Handy Hints:

• The right time to negotiate pay is before joining the company

• Ask for a written copy of the job offer and review it thoroughly

• Renegotiate your pay if you feel you have the skills to back it up