Frequently Asked Questions

1- Do you guarantee that I will get calls for interviews or promise any employment opportunity? Can I pay only after securing a Job?

No. Company does not guarantee any calls for interview or promise any employment opportunity. We are a CV forwarder & Writing online paid service provider. We are not a recruiting agency, and neither are we affiliate with any UAE and GCC recruitment agencies. However, our records show that 50% - 70% of our clients got an opportunity securing a job.

2- Is it a registered Company? Can we visit your office and pay cash hand to hand?

Yes, we are a registered company, and we have a verified bank account to receive all payments. We provide our services online only due to the large number of requests that we receive and the nature of the services we offer. Likewise, we cannot offer on-house consultancy and at the same time offer lowest price and fast order processing. In addition, adding office staff to handle such work would force us to charge high fees, but using email system and online customer support for job seekers allows us to respond in a timely manner and to provide highest quality and lowest price of the same business.

3- How long shall I wait to receive confirmation of my submitted order, or answer to my query?

We will normally answer your query within 1 working day, but please allow up to 3 days, as sometimes we experience high volumes of requests.
We appreciate not sending multiple or follow up email for at least 1 day.

4- If I submitted payment for CV Distribution Service, how many times will you will distribute my CV?

One payment is equivalent to one-time distribution only.>/u> We will distribute your CV to the entire record of emails in our database one time only. In case If you wish to use our distribution service again, we will give you 100 AED discount of the origin price. The redistribution service will help you targeting recently published vacancies in the market but we recommend to keep a gap at least 14 days between the first and the second time distribution.

5- If I submitted the payment for CV Distribution service but I have some situation, Can I ask you to keep the process on hold until such time or refunding my money?

We do not have a refund option however we can postpone the process until you give us a confirmation to proceed further anytime in the future. Also you can ask for a replacement of your profile with other related party from your side.

6- Is it a paid Service? Can I pay after assuring a Job? How much you charges for these Services.

Yes, its paid services and you must pay the full money before submitting any full packages or you can pay in two instalments. For Example: you order a CV Writing and a CV Distribution Services; the payments in two instalment will be 300 Dhs before CV Writing Service and then after receiving your new & updated CV you can then pay 400 Dhs to submit for CV Distribution Service.

  1. What is your company bank account , and can I pay in some other ways:

You can make the payments Through Dubai Islamic Bank licensed company Account or Cash Deposit Machine to the following:

Account No: 047520070840601

IBAN: AE290240047520070840601

Swift code: DUIBAEAD

Or you can send the money through Western Union or Alansary branches.


  1. Upload a photocopy of the payment receipt using E-mail or WatsApp and send it to [email protected] including your name and phone number - We will confirm that payments received.
  2. Once payment confirmed we will directly start approaching our CV Writing and Distribution Services.
  3. Please contact us for More Payment Options should you wish.

7- Can we pay in installments?

Yes, you can pay in two instalments for only the combo package of (Full CV Writing + CV Distribution Service). For Example: The full package cost 600 dhs; the payments in two instalments will be (Paying 300 Dhs to start writing your new CV and this will take up to 3-4 working days and then after receiving your new CV you can pay the second 300 dhs to schedule for the Distribution process).

But kindly note that in this case the process of distribution service will be scheduled within 7 days of second submitted fee, so we suggest to make a full payment of the combo package at once if you wish your distribution to be scheduled without any delay.

8- When you send my CV to those hundreds of thousands of Companies you have listed, do you interfere as third party or CC yourself for each company mail address?

No! We will send your CV using new mail technology program that deliver your CV straight to the inbox of the recipients and showing only your email address as a sender! Therefore, you will receive direct responses and be fully in control.

9- What are the specific locations for distribution?

- All Emirates Cities: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Um Al-Quwain, Ras Al-Khaimah & Fujairah.

- All Free Zones Locations such as: Jebel Ali – Dubai Internet City – Dubai Media City – Airport free zone –     Dubai Logistics City – Ras Alkhaimah and Fujairah Free Zone

- General GCC like KSA, Qatar - upon request

10- Where does my CV get sent?

Your CV will be sent directly to more than 200,000 email addresses of mostly private companies, free zone companies, recruiters, governments & semi-governments, key contact persons, HR managers, business owners and decision makers. We cover all types of jobs in all industries and for all career levels.

11- Can I use your UAE CV Distribution service if I am not based in the country?

Yes. Some companies these days’ conduct interviews on Skype/WhatsApp/or via calling you internationally.
But it’s always recommendable to submit for our UAE distribution service after arriving to the UAE as visitor for at least 1-month visit visa and then purchasing a local mobile number in order to facilitate for interested employer’s/companies communicate with you to schedule an interview.

Second method: is to ask anyone related to you who is already based in the UAE to accept mentioning his UAE cell phone number in your resume and then planning the interview appointments in concert with the time of your visiting the country. This way you can directly attend these scheduled interviews as planned without any delay.

As for proceeding the payment internationally: (You can pay the charges from your home country via Western Union, or online transferring or through our PayPal paid options in our website).

12- How do you deal with my needs such as (Targeted Position or Fields, Expected Salary, Job Location and Career Level)?

In case of mailing, your CV will be as an attachment, so it is better to add a display message in the body of the email (covering letter). Through the Cover Letter, you can specify your targeted positions/fields or any needs, and also you can define in email Subject line.

13- If I got the job, is there any contract or amount must be deducted from my coming salary?

No. We are a company that charges job seekers with fixed fees only for our mentioned services.

14- What might be the reason of not getting any answers from companies?

  1. You gave us an incorrect Email address or personal phone number.
  2. There are job openings for your qualification but with different applicants selected for the same position.
  3. During the distribution of your CV, no job openings for your qualification.

15- Can you send for me some evidence of how success your service is

Yes, we keep all emails of our recent customer testimonials. We can send you recent captured emails should you wish to have a look at.

16- What are the factors that increase the chances of getting calls/interview?

Mainly submitting for our Full CV writing Service with Cover Letter will increase the odds by 50%. We can build a unique and eyes-catching resume that grab employers' attention to select your profile among dozens of other resumes that being sent daily basis via the online submission.

Additionally, the following will increase your odds even more:

- Having a Valid Residential visa and local contact number.
- Having a Valid Local/International Driving License.
- Having an Academic Certifications, Completed Training's and Courses.
- Having a Local Experience or Internship.

17- If I made the payment for CV Distribution Service, how soon will you start the work?

The time of starting the Distribution process depends on three things.

  1. Our waiting queue of submitted applicants.
  2. Your CV and Cover Letter availability and validity (Original editable MS word format only)
  3. Weather if you submitted for urgent basis (starting within 24 hours) or submitted for normal basis (starting within 7 days) of confirmed payment.

Kindly be aware that we do not distribute during the weekends.

18- How long does it take to get results after the Distribution process completed?

Our Distribution process start at evening/midnight in the same scheduled day, and takes only up to 8-12 hours to be completed, so directly in the next morning you will begin receiving responses. Kindly be aware not to miss any call or incoming emails. Also It is very important to provide a valid email account and mobile number as we cannot undo the process once started and you will have to submit a new payment for redistribution should you wish.

19- How can i get my resume after a while from your database?

Just send us a request to [email protected].